InstantPHR Named Top Patient Engagement Platform by Chilmark Research

Not every healthcare organization is alike, that’s why we offer different InstantPHR solutions

Each organization we encounter has a unique set of goals specific to their business needs, patient or customer populations served, or the regulatory requirements they are facing. So, we offer multiple InstantPHR® solutions to help meet the growing needs of various sized organizations in the industry. Find the solution that best fits your needs:


InstantPHR Premier

InstantPHR Premier is a highly-tailored solution for large organizations who require custom branding and systems integration services to meet their specific needs. The award-winning InstantPHR platform includes a patient portal, provider dashboard, administrative console, and an extensive widget-based feature set that can be used to create effective connected care solutions.

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InstantPHR Marketplace

Our InstantPHR Marketplace solution is a group purchasing solution for HIEs, health systems, and provider networks that enables member organizations to quickly and cost-effectively create patient portal and personal health record solutions for their patients.

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InstantPHR Marketplace Direct

InstantPHR Marketplace Direct is a new solution offering small to medium-sized healthcare organizations the ability to create a user-friendly, feature rich and secure online patient or consumer portal in a matter of clicks.

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