Dynamic tools for more empowered patients

InstantPHR is an award-winning patient engagement platform that not only engages, but empowers patients with tools to be an active part of their care team. InstantPHR is an untethered personal health record (PHR) that offers bidirectional data sharing.

And that means InstantPHR’s technology can not only push data into a patient’s portal, but can also retrieve data they’ve entered or uploaded from devices. This allows providers to access and view a patient’s whole health history including data gathered outside the office. This is a critical piece as 99% of patients’ care happens outside of the doctor’s office.

Watch the video below to see how InstantPHR works

InstantPHR’s Technical Capabilities

InstantPHR’s modular framework allows you to create a solution that best fits both your organization and patients’ needs now and in the future. The beauty of InstantPHR is in its flexibility. The platform is fully interoperable – giving you the ability to configure a unique solution that can integrate with, or as we like to say, can sit on top of any EMR, EHR, HIE infrastructure or clinical data repository, including our own PHI data repository platform, CHBase.

InstantPHR is a true patient health hub because it can also support other third-party integrations like:

  • Pharmacy and lab systems
  • Health content providers
  • Enterprise data aggregation systems
  • Microsoft HealthVault
  • Blue Button
  • NATE Trust Bundles

Learn more about our existing integrations »

Solutions for Your Most Critical Challenges

Each organization we encounter has a unique set of goals specific to their business needs, patient or customer populations served, or the regulatory requirements they are facing. See how InstantPHR can solve your most critical challenges including Meaningful Use, chronic disease management, remote patient monitoring, shared decision making, wellness tools, mobile ready strategy, and tying together multi-EMRs and facilities into one solution.

Learn how InstantPHR can solve your most critical challenges »

Real Data. Real Access. Real Results. Real Simple. 

That pretty much sums up our philosophy. Our goal is to improve patients outcomes through innovative technology. In doing so, InstantPHR will help your organization reduce readmissions, improve care transitions and patient satisfaction; all to help you reduce healthcare costs.

InstantPHR is unlike any health management tool on the market. Its modular architecture makes it an easily customizable solution that can be deployed for web and mobile in a matter of weeks, rather than months. We can carry your brand throughout the site to match your organization’s look and feel as well as support multiple languages, including right-to-left text.  We offer you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your patients.

The time is now!  Extend your reach and value beyond your organization’s walls by empowering your patients to actively manage their health and collaborate with their care team through InstantPHR.