InstantPHR Named Top Patient Engagement Platform by Chilmark Research

Meet InstantPHR

A flexible and interoperable suite of web-based health tools for personal health, InstantPHR’s data visualization and care management tools can be used to quickly, easily and cost-effectively create and configure personal health applications — both on the web and via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

InstantPHR Solutions

Each organization we encounter has a unique set of goals specific to their business needs, patient or customer populations served, or the regulatory requirements they are facing. So, we offer multiple InstantPHR solutions to help meet the growing needs of various sized organizations in the industry.

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Technical Information

InstantPHR can operate on any data platform and integrate with any EMR, EHR, or clinical data repository.

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Microsoft® HealthVault® Connection

InstantPHR is fully integrated with Microsoft® HealthVault®, a trusted cloud-based repository that enables health information to be easily gathered, stored, used and shared online.

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What Makes InstantPHR Different?

InstantPHR is unlike any health management tool on the market. Its unique features set it apart by allowing organizations to quickly and cost-effectively deploy health management applications that provide solutions to numerous organizational objectives.

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