#1 Ranked Patient Engagement Platform by Chilmark Research

Get Real Health’s InstantPHR® platform is a robust, secure, and flexible platform for a wide range of patient engagement and care management solutions.

The InstantPHR platform includes a patient portal, provider dashboard, administrative console, and an extensive widget-based feature set that can be used to create effective connected care solutions.


Solutions for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem

InstantPHR’s interrelated dashboards provide tools for all stakeholders involved in managing patient health.

  • Web-based and mobile-optimized patient portals with health management tools, visualizations, and provider communications.
  • A robust provider dashboard that includes patient-specific care management solutions, patient cohort management, workflow integration, encrypted messaging, data visualizations and alerts.
  • Administration console for client organizations to configure and manage the patient and provider portal experience.

A robust suite of screening and health management tools

  • Medical history and demographics including basic personal information, current and past providers, emergency contacts as well as conditions, procedures, allergies, medication history, and family health history.
  • General medicine and wellness tools for managing allergies, conditions, diet, exercise, height & weight, lab test results, medical summaries, medications, immunizations, vital signs, maternity, geriatric medicine, woman’s and men’s health.
  • Chronic disease management tools readily available for diabetes, cardiovascular health, cancer, mental health, respiratory health, and gastroenterology.  Additional disease pathways can be added to any configuration.
  • Reimbursable mental health screening tool, M3 Clinician, an evidenced-based web and mobile screening app for mood and anxiety disorders that can screen for multiple conditions at once and reduces missed cases and diagnoses compared to other screens.
  • Personalization tools enable patients and providers to set custom health ranges, time periods and health profiles.
  • Recommendation engine to deliver tailored content and suggestions based on users’ demographics, health history and site engagement.
  • Integration with trusted content sources to accompany the application’s suite of health management tools; with support for industry standards such as Infobutton, InstantPHR can integrate with a number of trusted, third-party content providers.
  • A collection of device-, connection- and ecosystem-specific tools for clients integrating with external ecosystems or systems; these include device management tools, third party application recommendation capabilities, as well as patient matching, data query and download tools

Comprehensive care management tools

  • Self-management action plans – Both patients and providers may access InstantPHR’s library of self-management action plans, all of which may be personalized on a user-by-user basis. Self-management action plans link a number of InstantPHR features, including data entry and visualization tools, tasks, goals, content, alerts and reminders. Additionally, they may be integrated with third-party clinical systems.
  • Health journals – Clients may configure pre-defined health journals to allow users to record both objective and subjective health metrics in a visual calendar format. Health journals also allow patients or providers to create and manage their own trackers for personalized health management.
  • Surveys and assessments – InstantPHR features robust support for surveys, assessments and questionnaires and supports both branching logic and tailored recommendations. Survey data may be saved, printed or shared with providers, and in turn can be used for reporting purposes or as the basis for health recommendations, screenings or provider intervention.
  • Reminders allow both patients and providers to set up email or SMS reminders for a number of application features; reminders may be utilized for medication management, care plan task completion, appointments or general health reminders.
  • Patient and provider alerts  – InstantPHR’s alert engine allows patients and providers to configure email or SMS alerts based on patient health data, e.g., notifications for patients who are managing their blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, HBA1C or health journal trackers.

Communications, scheduling and reporting capabilities

  • Messaging capabilities allow patients and authorized providers to communicate easily and securely; InstantPHR allows messages to be delivered through the patient and providers portals, via SMS/text message, or externally via NHIN Direct message protocols.
  • Appointment scheduling – InstantPHR features pre-built appointment scheduling functionality, allowing patients to track appointments with authorized providers as well as personal appointments via the patient portal. It also may be integrated with third-party EMR scheduling functionality.
  • File sharing is easy with InstantPHR’s built in communications tools. Files may be sent through existing messaging functions, or shared via the HealthVault ecosystem or integrations with third-party systems. Additionally, InstantPHR is an ONC 2014 Edition Modular Certified EHR Technology which enables US providers to meet all patient-centric objectives and measures necessary to qualify for Federal Meaningful Use payments.
  • CCDA parsing allows patients to view their clinical health data in a user-friendly format, and load this information into the application’s easy to use health management tools. Data is seamlessly decomposed into individual elements and loaded into relevant tables, charts and graphs. This allows the system to act on clinical data, e.g., evaluating care plan progress and triggering relevant alerts, reminders, and recommendations.
  • Reporting engine allows organizations to define custom, branded reports accessible by both patients and providers. In addition, both user types may create their own custom PDF reports which may be saved, printed or shared for offline health management.

Extensive options for customization, implementation and system administration

  • Admin console with content management system allows customers to quickly and easily configure and/or maintain the content and functionality on their site.
  • Provider management allows organizations to maintain a list of authenticated providers; provider database may also be integrated with third-party clinical systems for automated management.
  • Full localization capability allows customers to offer translated versions of patient and provider portals in an unlimited number of languages; system supports full translation of content and tools, including different units and RTL text.
  • Custom branding allows client or partner organizations to implement unique, branded portals for both patients and providers across all devices.
  • Multi-tenancy allows organizations to quickly provision new patient and provider portals on existing servers with minimal overhead; the application features a unique multi-tenant admin console that allows administrators to manage existing sites, create new sites from scratch, or clone existing sites or site templates.
  • Import/export functionality allows organizations to easily backup or restore their site configuration, or create new site templates when utilized with multi-tenancy.

Support for third-party integrations, ecosystems and platforms

InstantPHR is fully interoperable and may be integrated with myriad third-party systems, including:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)
  • Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • Clinical data aggregation and unification systems – e.g., Caradigm Intelligence Platform (formerly Amalga)
  • Pharmacy information systems
  • Laboratory information systems — application supports multiple custom lab test views, including integration with various lab test vocabularies (e.g. LOINC)
  • Health content providers, including MedLinePlus
  • Third-party analytics tools

InstantPHR supports multiple data sharing platforms and ecosystems:

  • Microsoft HealthVault is supported in multiple forms: InstantPHR may be deployed as a fully HealthVault-native solution, or as a SQL version with HealthVault-sync. Both options allow patients to access hundreds of HealthVault-enabled applications and devices.
  • Interoperability with applications leveraging the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Blue Button standard, including the future Blue Button+ ecosystem.


Flexible deployment options

InstantPHR offers multiple deployment options for maximum flexibility:

  • A standalone Microsoft .NET application with administration console and content management system; or
  • SharePoint web parts on a new or existing SharePoint portal; or
  • Microsoft .NET web parts on a pre-existing .NET portal

InstantPHR may be deployed utilizing a number of options for its data store:

  • Secure, SQL data store
  • Secure, SQL data store + Microsoft HealthVault Sync
  • Fully HealthVault native + secure, SQL sync
  • Fully HealthVault native
  • Other data store

Secure, certified and accessible

InstantPHR adheres to Federal, state, and industry standards for privacy and security

  • Available as a HITRUST CSF certified SaaS solution
  • Supports the ONC Privacy Notice

Our product is an ONC 2014 Edition Modular Certified EHR Technology that can be used for Meaningful Use 1 & 2 Attestation (view certificate)

  • View, download and transmit to 3rd party
  • Patient-specific education resources
  • Secure messaging
  • Authentication, access control, and authorization
  • Automatic log-off
  • Integrity
  • Automated numerator recording
  • Quality management system


  • InstantPHR meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A


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